Importance of Kullu Handloom In Valley

Kullu shawls play an extremely huge role in the economy of the valley.

It is one of the significant salary generations for these individuals where a large number of them win their living by weaving part or full time.

Around 20,000 individuals work part-time and around 10,000 individuals acquire their job by working all day.

These shawls are made in the valley itself by neighbourhood individuals who have acquired their aptitudes from their past ages.

Shawls made in the valley are woven using handlooms and these handlooms can be found in pretty much every home in rustic regions.

These are utilized to weave shawls and texture for different garments to satisfy their own needs or for business purposes.

Kullu shawls are additionally a significant piece of the legacy of Himachal Pradesh because of which state government gives numerous advantages to weavers so this legacy can prosper and can be saved.


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